Saturday, September 10

Shangri-La Hi Tea Buffet

Hello again!

Wanna blog about my recent outing and jobs ^^

Last day of fasting month before Raya, Me and few colleagues went to Shangri- La Putrajaya for Hi-Tea Buffet.. So this is Happy Panda a.k.a starving evil Panda who very "kiasu" skip breakfast and lunch so she can hantam everything in the buffet with empty stomach.

Arrived - was checking the swimming pool while waiting for another colleague. Wow i truly impressed with the layout, feel like swimming.. since i can has the nice view with tree surrounding around.

See? this is what i mean..

Another pic.. thou i'm noob in swimming, but 1.5M won't make me drawn ba.. haha i'll wear my 5inch heels if it is needed.. LOL

Yours truly.

Ok la.. purpose going there is makan, so we head down to our first meal of the day..
i'm huge FAN of prawns.. This is always the first food i'll look for..

Pic #2

Bread station

Oh this is nyum nyummeh

Some of my collegues

Group photo

Sooo CUTE!

Ok la, end this post with own vain pic ;)

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