Friday, August 5


Yesterday went to carrefour, bought so many household stuffs, imma going to wash bathroom for the first time, walao.. Praise me can..

Dear bought me rice cooker, then mommy brought some kitchen utensil from Medan happy. Then i just need to add on salt, pepper and so on. Went to carrefour with JunJie .. Haha so fun!

Will start cooking for my dinner soon. Browsing lots of website searching for delicious recipe :)

One my colleague , hehe :)

My fourth sister is coming tomorrow, with her daughther and husband. Will going to fetch her at KL sentral after work. Even bought new extra mattress for them.

Will update again soon :)

PS: saw this ice cream before? It's Nestle product, never saw it before.. Come with 2 flavour, vanilla-grape ( right ) and vanilla - mango (left) . You can peel the jelly skin ( like eating banana) haha. So cute. RM 1 available in any convinience store.

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