Tuesday, August 30

Mean Machines 2011

Today i wanna share with you my very first competition, it's related to car somemore ==" every girls look so pretty and have lots of experiences, i "chut kia" beh phai se go and join. Andrew (a very nice guy) from Mean Machines organizer contact me on FB and ask me whether i'm interested with this search or not, i was still an intern that time at MyDEAL, feel so low confident that time and thinking to pass this competition, the shooting for pre elimination held in Penang and i have a terrible toothache during the shooting day for KL one, but the organizer (Kath and bf) really so nice waiting for me in front of dentist till i finished +.+ so here i am, shoot..shoot..shoot, then on 24-25 Oct 2010, Diana Panda went all the way to Juru Autocity and fight fight with other contestant.

Let pictures talk the rest, k?

Some of the contestants , me and Jenny were the only two KL kia

25 Oct 2010 - Announcement of the winner. I won another subtitle, Miss Little Tree, a car freshener brand. Got trophy ^^ and the hamper was quite big, but i left some of it :( cannot bring back KL that time. Sad. There are total 8 subtitles to win, Miss Popularity, Miss Photogenic, Miss Prioner, Miss Tom's sticker, Miss Little tree, Miss erm forget jor. Forgive me haha.. this is almost one year ago thing le.. I was so so happy already can get one subtitle, didn't even think of other like getting a title.

All the contestant, 14 girls ^^

OMG, i managed to get the 2nd runner up position :"( I almost cry seriously because i don't know how to pose, how to talk to audience and how to walk and pose with the Car for the judging part.

So happy ^^ Thank you all for the supports.

Will never forget this memory :)

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