Wednesday, November 10

Diana + Panda

Hiya Guys..
So sorry for my late post :(
Been so busy lately and i don't have any nice picture to be upload on my blog.
Plan to buy cheki or camera so that i can snap lots of pic and can upload here okhey?

Btw tomorrow is my 21th Bday. :)
Finally i can enter casino without any worries, i can go to the Zouk lol

Ok let's move to serious part, i have list of wish list i want to fulfill:
1. I want to work harder , earn more $$$
2. Learn to be more adult in solving a problem, less negative thinking
3. Learn how to save money (T______T)
4. Learn cantonese?
5. Closer to my family, keep in touch with them

Ok lah, blogging while i'm in the office, my job is quite challenging actually. everyday facing customers enquiries that sometimes (sorry to say) pissed me off, but when i managed to solve the problem and they thanks me, i feel so happy :p

Will keep u guys update again ok? cya

Much Love