Saturday, October 2

Few moments in my life

Hey guys... Apologize for my absence.
Just a random post, or rather another boring and complaining post from me.

I found out that i blog mostly only when my mood was terrible down or when there's no one who care to be my listener.
Well, my working life is pretty good recently, i've been offer a working visa from my company.
And i will be going to visit their sister company in Singapore, i mean

"hello? Only an intern kid, who yet to be a full timer, get offer to visit other branch, and learn more" isn't that a good things to share.
I rated it important, why?

It's mean they still count me in!

I grab my phone as quick as possible and start dialing my mom,
"Mom, i get bla..bla..bla.."

Guess what my mom's reactions?
1. Are them trust able? will they cheat you?
2. They might ask you to bring some package which might be dadah or what


This reaction is far far far away from my imagination, i was hoping to get a good response. Not a negatif thinking reaction.
Ok i'm open with it. it's mean my mom care me, but will she keep it till the last conversation? can she congratulates me first?

I mean since young, i grown up with 6 sisters surround me, i always get compare with them especially number 6.
mostly about school, about she managed to achieve scholarship while i only can bring my mom 2nd rank certificate,
about how she really save on money, really good manner girl, typical no need to worry about kid.

and what left for me is, im big spender, i never save, always ask for money and the one who always reply my mom back while she scolding me.

OK, fine. I totally admit it, i know i'm not a good temper girl. But it's like 4 years ago?
Since i study overseas, i try my best to change it and control my emotion, i really seldom back to Indonesia, just because i afraid i can't control
my emotion someday and my mom will say " see? you can't and never change"

OmG.. until when i can make them proud?

I have a freelance job as a model, guess what they say?
"the photographer might EAT you"
"very dangerous"
"wear so sexy, don't know what people will talk about you"

i thought i was very lucky can get a chance to enter this field, but even this also get a negatif response.

Omg i feel so empty now.
And feel so lonely.

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~wilson~ said...

well there are people that listen to u, its up to u to tell them or not.:)
your are not alone in the world. there are tons of ppl areound u. its the matter of who and when and what will determines it!
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