Friday, August 20

I feel so bad ...

Recently i really lose what it's call "feeling"
I have no feeling going to work
I have no feeling when i laugh
I have no feeling to love

I fake my laugh
I fake my smile
Don't ask me why
Even me myself, don't know the answer

Cause arriving home so late, i cancel my yumcha with max, derrick , they all
i feel so bad.. and i keep blaming myself.. Why i can't arrange everything properly?
I feel my life so messy
Lot's of things that i really need to change or else i will face lot's of problem

Sometimes i feel so lonely, well don't judge me by my facebook's friends
i want a bunch of friends that wanna share laugh and sad with me
i miss my college friends, but all of them are busy doing their internship
same with me
i always spent almost 1.5 hours traveling by ktm and lrt

not to mention i need to "squeeze" with all those ppl just to get into the ktm
i really dont like this
everyday-same routine-same thing-

arrive home, had my lonely dinner, then sleep, then wake up, office, ktm, carrying 4kg bag, had my lonely dinner, then sleep.

omg... is that really working life?
i wanna back to my college life please?

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