Friday, August 20

I feel so bad ...

Recently i really lose what it's call "feeling"
I have no feeling going to work
I have no feeling when i laugh
I have no feeling to love

I fake my laugh
I fake my smile
Don't ask me why
Even me myself, don't know the answer

Cause arriving home so late, i cancel my yumcha with max, derrick , they all
i feel so bad.. and i keep blaming myself.. Why i can't arrange everything properly?
I feel my life so messy
Lot's of things that i really need to change or else i will face lot's of problem

Sometimes i feel so lonely, well don't judge me by my facebook's friends
i want a bunch of friends that wanna share laugh and sad with me
i miss my college friends, but all of them are busy doing their internship
same with me
i always spent almost 1.5 hours traveling by ktm and lrt

not to mention i need to "squeeze" with all those ppl just to get into the ktm
i really dont like this
everyday-same routine-same thing-

arrive home, had my lonely dinner, then sleep, then wake up, office, ktm, carrying 4kg bag, had my lonely dinner, then sleep.

omg... is that really working life?
i wanna back to my college life please?

Monday, August 2

Hello kitty x maybelline meaow

Pic of ze day

well well well.. Hello everyone
sorry for not updating anything
and left my blog, sigh

If you are my facebook friends, you will know that recently i've been way too busy
spamming you guys to vote me for maybelline x hello kitty contest

Well i've started 2 days ago, and so far i get 645 votes nao


There's one more contestant that i need to beat in order to win the Hello kitty polaroid
FML.. I need to work everyday, did someone willing to offer me hand to help me promote and share?

Lol :)

I got lots of fren , who soo nice to help me share, Thankew guys

I hope i can win, well.. i never win any competition before, this is so challenging..

Help me guys, will you?

Snapping pic on the office.. well i love the curtain, and my office, everyone is very nice.. :)
but all of them are guy, good thing, i can be james girl lol..

And i no need to deal with PMS/strees/no mood girls ( i'm speaking myself as well) we girls tend to be more "arrogant" to girl, than a guy. hehe

No offense babe..

OKAY, if u want to vote for me

this is wat u can do

1. Go to this page
"LIKE" it

2. go to!/photo.php?pid=31385763&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=101016766619359&aid=-1&id=1013222657&oid=101016766619359

click like on my picture to VOTE me.

3. Thanks

vote for me :D:D
the competition end on 31 Aug 2010.