Friday, July 16


Usamimi - Bunny hairband :D
You can saw japan's model / gal wearing it at Popteen or any Japan's magz

Finally found it in KL , sold for rm 17 at Bonita (Flash your student ID for 10% Discount)
You can find it via online for around RM 10 but I'm too lazy to do bank in and wait for the pos laju :D

Just back from Midvalley , went there for movie, "Despicable Me" with
Maria, Aldi, Rendy, Gerry and Michelle

So CUTE.. I should rank it ***** ( 5 Stars)

You guys should watch it, fully reckon this movie.
Okay, Time to go to bed now :)

PS: Went to Tien Ho temple today, and the taxi driver ask me

Taxi driver: "Did you go there to pray?"

Me: "Yeah, why"

Taxi driver: "Good, I'm so happy to saw there's ppl still remember of God"

Omg, yeah to be honest, sometimes we are too far from God.

Till next post !


Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

oh my..your blog is so cute! and your usamimi is as cute as yourself~hehe

Diana Panda said...

Thanks :)