Sunday, July 25

ShOpOnBlOG Rock my Day!

There's no other thing i love beside Japan's fashion
or Japan's make up
or Japan's sailor's school uniform (wtf so cute)
or Japan's sushi and macha ice
or maybe the guys (ahem)

I always buy Popteen or Vivi every month , just to follow the new trend or fashion
Even tough I'm Indonesian , and i can't read mandarin
But who cares?


So in love with 2010 summer fashion saw at Gyaru blog, popteen, vivi .,.,.
Pictures are from

# Can Can Hat

# Me wif Can Can Hat (available at KL)

# Usamimi ( rabbit hair band)

# Me with usamimi ( Available at KL , even at Cheras pasar malam!)

Wtf, everywhere can get! So popular

# Deka Ribbon

# Me with deka ribbon inspired by Cheeserland

# Malaysian Top Blogger Cheesie with Deka ribbon, so cute! Love her

Deka Ribbon above available at Daiso for rm 5


Ok enuf with Fashion, cosmetic time now!

Almost all Gyaru have the same style.. Almost same hair colour,
Almost same dolly eye looks, almost same fashion style, almost same nude lips

Can conclude , they really sharing fashion each other. GO GYARU!!!
maybe someday Gyaru will rule the world! LOL

I want to be a pretty Gyaru forever and ever!
Even after i married and have 3 kids! i will still love laces dress, make up, hairdo, nail do (okay F"my husband"L)

Truly love my idol Tsubasa Masukawa

If you're true Gyaru , you should know her very well
Gyaru role model of moi

If you love Tsubasa, For sure you'll lurve all her products!

1. DOLLY WINK eyelashes (up and bottom lashes)

Super soft eyelashes, suitable for dolly eyes look!

I'm using Dolly Wink bottom lash no.8 Pure Little

How? Nice onot?

2. LIZ LISA ( Die also want travel to Japan and visit this store)

Also By Tsubasa

3. Dolly wink latest product.. Lovely colour, agree or not?

And CANDYDOLL - Also by Tsubasa , wtf so talented

Got Blusher , Highlight, Mineral Powder, Concealer, many more supa dupa awesome product




This Tsubasa just launch new Candydoll lipgloss and lipstick, I WANTTTTTT

Normally, all my dolly wink eyelashes, liquid eyeliner i bought at Sasa, tough the product finish so fast ( Till now i didn't manage to get Dolly Wink no 1, Sob.. Sob...)


Me want buy but can not buy!
Buy directly from japan's website, i feel insecure
Afraid shipping lost in the half way

Afraid I'll get this shock message:

Sorry Ms. Panda, Your parcel is lost , in Mumbai, or wherever and will not reach your place forever and ever, bye


Someone please go to Japan, and ask Tsubasa to open branch at Malaysia please?

Candydoll is supa awesome but their product very hard to find, what to do?

Grin Grin Grin

I still hopeless till i found one hero.. Who located only 5 hours bus journey from me. I FOUND PLACE TO BUY CANDY DOLL in SINGAPORE!

It's not in Dubai or Mumbai, or whatever
It's Singapore

Damn near man!

Why i love them

1. They ship worldwide (checklist)
2. They accept paypal ( checklist)
3. They sell Candy doll ( checklist)
4. They got dolly wink 1-8 ( checklist)
5. They got dolly wink nail polish summore! ( double checklist for fast update)

6. I love them
7. I love them
8. They got Candy love product complete! new lipgloss also!

9. They do inform us when they will restock!

See this onot? I even BOOKMARK their website!

Ok this screen shot taken by today. Stated there, next restock will be on 27/07/2010 -hurry up!-

10. I love pink . Tsubasa. dolly wink. candy doll

What are you waiting for?

Go and add them now! SHOPONBLOG

I add all of them , so i won't miss any updates from them!

Facebook page               HERE

Twitter page                   HERE

Website page                  HERE

Tell you what, THEY are awesome max and understand us- GYARU!

This picture got dolly wink's product but left candy doll's product T____T
I want the highlighter, carrot blusher, Lipgloss milk strawberry

Ok lah got shoponblog ady

You won't see me holding dolly wink's product and snap picta anymore cause start from now, i can hold candy doll product and snap picta as well ....

happy till reach heaven

They will be giving away two candydoll new lipgloss , watcha waiting for? Spread the word!

Till next post

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