Saturday, July 24

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Pic of Ze day

Today was totally awesome!
Done photoshooting with Max, Derick, Jackie, Clarence, Benny, and Andrew
All are supa dupa great photog , I tell you..

Wake up early in the morning, rushing & preparing
Max was so kind, offering me a ride to KL Park
He came around 8.15 after get lost around my area for several times, LOL

Arrive there around 9, but photoshoot was delay ,due to some complicated, but we do have fun!

I get to know that Max, Benny hometown is Penang
They speak hokkien, same with mine
I feel like i'm in my hometown
Andrew also speak hokkien (Ipoh version)

because of them, i feel very happy
and enjoying this photo shooting

Actually i feel quite nervous, cause
this is only my second time doing outdoor photoshooting
I dont know if i suit this job or not
Too many leng lui , no confident =.=

Max fetch me back around 13.00 and had my lunch at Sunway Pyramid
geez, i'm so sleepy almost close my eyes during lunch


But i need to wait for my sister to come and fetch me, then only can hit my lovely bed
So while waiting for sister, Shopping time :DDDDD

No one dislike shopping spree! Especially me
buy this and that , went to watsons , top up celcom reload, when my eyes saw something...

ZOMG.. HELLO KITTY X MAYBELLINE mascara limited edition !!!!!!

So cute.. If i didnt grab one, dont call my name

LOl, mascara with my kitty phone, MATCH !!!

also grab Dolly wink liquid eyeliner , Canmake blusher, eyeshadow, essence, masks at Sasa

I love Dolly wink , The product range all really good , Love u Tsubasa

U make me pok kai, but i still in love with you muackzxxx

Till next post!

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