Thursday, July 22

Hello Kitty

Hahahahaha.. Phailed max pic Lol

Quick update of my dailies

1. Got a job as CRM (cool job eh) lol, my job was basically deal with publics and customers.
Working in bestdeal company :) got lots of benefits there i tell u :D

2. My 6th sister came to visit me (and her bf) after she's graduated from Guangzhou ,
She's officially a doctor nao, anyone feels sicks? :D lol

3. Sister bought me this! omg Omg ZOMG! I want this thing for sooooo long,
i know KL oso got sell but super damn expensive!
the best place to get it, off course from it's origin. CHINA!

*droll* *droll*

Let you see lah

#1 Come with big bag , Cute max

#2 Inside : Come with 2 battery (Pink Colour battery) OmG , Even charger got hello kitty
Head printed on it :D

#3 Hello Kitty headset

#4 User manual also Hello Kitty (Slurpppp)

#5 Mini Hello bag to bring out everywhere with your kitty phone inside . Saw white stick
hanging on the bag?

#6 It's stylus! Kitty phone is touchscreen

#7 KiTTy PhOnE (dont jealous on me , you kitty lovers )

Got camera, can record video, flash, awesomeeeeee

#8 Wtf iphone way of slide to unlock LOL

#9 Menu

#10 Okay time to introduce you the hero who bought this awesome kitty phone all along China to KL

#11 Saya Punya Sister! Nombor 6 punya

#12 Same o not?

#13 Eye make up done by me, see how pro i am in make up-ing my sister lol

Till next post , Me want play with kitty phone first

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