Saturday, June 19

If i can turn back time and plan better

I dunno whether i'm emo because of what. So many things

1. My VISA problem!

yeah, till now there's no updates from my Sgpore agent regarding my Training Employment Pass.
To add all this shitty things, i have to start my training on 21 June
u think lah.. i can start on this monday or not

2. No VISA = No accommodation

Sold all my furniture and hand over my sweet KL room to other person
since the contract ended already and i can't find room in Sg as well
since most of the owner want to take a look at the TEP / Spass / or whatever visa
and i can't provide it T____T

3.  Sleeping in an empty room full of boxes and luggage. 
Trust me the feeling is really bad.
Create "lonely" + "emo" feeling as u open wardrobe, it's empty
and you have to dig for one piece of T-shirt that u want to wear inside luggage.
it's horrible, no picture or anything in the wall.
Ok i don't know how to describe ady

4. All my friends start as "new intern + new life" this coming monday
i might be the one who watching them rushing to training place.
waving good bye, and walking all my way back to my "empty" room
and start surfing nothing than "googling how to make your visa come out faster"

5. OMG if there's number 5, i think i better open my window and jump.. FML

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