Wednesday, June 23

let it be.. Let it be..

Mommy once ever told me,
never grow up as a girl who wait for man to support your everything

cause if someday he left you,
you can't stand by your own
whose going to help you?

and since that day, i've learn and try to always at least ; not that depends to man
things that i can buy my own, i will buy it myself

Till now i can buy laptop, itouch, phone many more
with my own money and i"m proud of it

some girl in my life, might not start earn their own money till now
i bet that..
and i started it few years ago. I've learn and struggle a lot.
I can say, I'm proud with myself

I have my own dream country, where i swear to myself i will work there as soon as i got my degree
Yeah.. It's Singapore.
I applied Four Season and The regent, and i get the interview opportunity.

I even went there all along to Singapore, Dragging a luggage
and went there for face to face interview, just to impress them

Yeah, Spend 5 hours in a bus
And another 5 hours going back to KL , just for the sake of 30 minutes interview

It works actually, they accepted me.
I'm the only Indonesian that they accept, the rest are all malaysian
I'm really happy OMG my dream place

but it didnt last long, they delivered a really bad news,
my visa get rejected. I don't know because i'm Indonesian?

Dissapointed and sad , angry and everything
Then, RPT came into my life
they are agent based in SG
Evrything that they told us , motivate me a lot!
They say , there's nothing impossible for them

yeah.. they drag me for almost 2 months no news!
last news : my visa rejected as well
and there's no motivated email like they always sent to me at the beginning

once again , i'm dissapointed
I don't know. training start this 21 June, which is 4 days ago
Yet i didnt receive any news again
some of my friends, whose been rejected / pending
receive news or get another interview
with another hotel group, i was like "wth, waiting so far, then u change a hotel group?"

Means : we have to start all over again, applying new visa etc again >.<
I don't know i should wait again and putting my hope for them for -godknowhowmanytimesady-

Sometimes, my heart shouted to me : Come ON Diana, Make a move, i know my feeling that
it's just not with this hotel, i want Singapore so badly, but i don't want simply grab any hotel that in the end not even give me knowledge.

I've sent my last email to the agent today. My very last email
I want to mark myself in Singapore. I will. but not under u agent i guess

I will do it my own. WATCH ME :)

Tuesday, June 22


Lots of part time job help me refresh my boring day

And i enjoy karaoke myself in the room

Have fun as i was the performer :)
Bought myself a new blazer for my upcoming job
Which is : _________

Hehe , Wait and see :)

Till next post~ LOVE

Monday, June 21

happy Birthday Kean Yip

Going To Kean Yip Bday dinner
Happy Birthday :)
I think i can't post much about this since
I havent bought new camera

Thinking to buy LX3
But lots of thing happens
and i keep using all my savings

T___________T FML

Working at Watson Sunway as Maybelline Promoter
Added more friend
But the girl who introduce this job to me didn't reply my sms anymore
OMG.. Did i get cheat?
Hopefully no

Got to go.. Ciao
Everyone start their training, orientation
Feels happy for them

As for moi
As usual , no update.. SIGH

Till next post

Saturday, June 19

If i can turn back time and plan better

I dunno whether i'm emo because of what. So many things

1. My VISA problem!

yeah, till now there's no updates from my Sgpore agent regarding my Training Employment Pass.
To add all this shitty things, i have to start my training on 21 June
u think lah.. i can start on this monday or not

2. No VISA = No accommodation

Sold all my furniture and hand over my sweet KL room to other person
since the contract ended already and i can't find room in Sg as well
since most of the owner want to take a look at the TEP / Spass / or whatever visa
and i can't provide it T____T

3.  Sleeping in an empty room full of boxes and luggage. 
Trust me the feeling is really bad.
Create "lonely" + "emo" feeling as u open wardrobe, it's empty
and you have to dig for one piece of T-shirt that u want to wear inside luggage.
it's horrible, no picture or anything in the wall.
Ok i don't know how to describe ady

4. All my friends start as "new intern + new life" this coming monday
i might be the one who watching them rushing to training place.
waving good bye, and walking all my way back to my "empty" room
and start surfing nothing than "googling how to make your visa come out faster"

5. OMG if there's number 5, i think i better open my window and jump.. FML

Monday, June 14

macbook i'm in love

Welcome mr. Whitey
One of my wish list fulfilled ZOMG
Mad happy, cant described into word hehe

Mr. whitey paired with pink case
So i should call it Ms. Pinky then

Should save mooolah to fulfill the rest
Still a lot T___T
Anyone wants to help me?

Speaking about wishlist
My current wish list is : VISA FASTER APPROVED
WTF till now didnt get any approval on my visa
I can't find house in SG yet i don't have any place to stay in KL
Im desperate!

Testing the camera
Ms pinky camera is good as it make people who have fugly face like me looks acceptable :D

Upcoming Post : SINGAPORE TRIP 2D1N with my Dear supa love love :)
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