Saturday, May 8

Sweet day

last monday, me and dear went to Bukit Tinggi, it's somewhat like Genting i guess. haha. forgive me, i'm indonesian that tought 3 years ady in Malaysia never know anything LOL

So we went to French Village, but i didn't manage to take any pic there T______________T
Today post will full of my me moi foto only wearing kimono. You can rent it 30minute liddat for RM20. Feel abit expensive so i want to fully use the time to camwhore hahahaha

because we can only wear it and take pic around the area, so i try to snap every inch of the surrounding LOL

Here we go...

with dear :)

cacad face LOL

Fitting fitting

finish! yeay i can start walk walk as a japanesse girl ady :)

Inside the house

While waiting for our food to be serve at Rui Japanesse restaurant (if i'm not mistaken the name is RUI.. sorry if wrong hahaha, too happy with my dear, forget to remember the name)

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