Tuesday, May 25

Hey sexy girl from Kuala-la-la Lumpur

Lol.. recently i really into this song.. kinda addicted and surprisingly it is collaboration from Colby O' Donis with Mizz Nina (She's Malaysian) wow.. Malaysia Boleh!!! :)

Love the lyrics

Sexys my name 
Yeah sexys my name

Sexy girl from Kuala - la - la lumpur.. 


OK i need to focus myself.. final exam is coming soon, yet i haven prepare anything. keep browsing and stuck on the make up website. F.O.C.U.S Diana Panda :( 

Kinda sad update actually, feels totally down and hopeless, when i receive email from Four Season, if u bother to read my previous post, you know that i got accepted, but SHIT to the max, screw u MOM (Immigration of Singapore) they turn down my visa application. SCREW U EFF!!!!

and now i have to go back to Millenium Copthorne, and if they turn down my visa again, I'll pack all my stuff and rather go back hometown be a farmer.
T________________________T   FM"training"L

       OK have you go through my blog shop? :)


Carrie said...

my exam is coming soon too. Stressed!

Diana♥Panda said...

Yah.. so stress T___T good luck for your exam :)