Monday, May 31


i've just cried.

i miss her so much really. i really thanks god that i ever meet her, she is such a good B..
encourage me, always there when i need her, support me on my relationship.
i really want to be with her, even tough we are set apart, but i know we still link each other.
love u bitch

i learn a lot about friendship
whenever i heard about backstabbing or other's problem,
i will think that the problem is on me
and i will stress out, nightmare, can't sleep and keep thinking
am i doing something wrong?

but when the things is clear, and it's not even my fault or related to me
i will laugh at myself.

Silly me.. it's not even my problem, why i should care too much?

problems, happiness come so fast yet fade so fast.
i learned, really i learn a lot this 3 years.
thanks for helping me to "shape" my traits, my personality

i want to welcome my new world
i want to be more adult and not put too much care on non sense things anymore
try to close one eyes and pretend not to know too much

thanks for my "anak ilalang" as well
i know both of you are sincere.

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