Monday, May 31

Pola Pola Pola Polaroid fun

Found this software.
it basically help you to create the polaroid effect
all you need is just drag and drop your picture into this software
and voila :)))

i've test it out, and this is mine
drop me a comment if u want the link of the software
it's fun


i've just cried.

i miss her so much really. i really thanks god that i ever meet her, she is such a good B..
encourage me, always there when i need her, support me on my relationship.
i really want to be with her, even tough we are set apart, but i know we still link each other.
love u bitch

i learn a lot about friendship
whenever i heard about backstabbing or other's problem,
i will think that the problem is on me
and i will stress out, nightmare, can't sleep and keep thinking
am i doing something wrong?

but when the things is clear, and it's not even my fault or related to me
i will laugh at myself.

Silly me.. it's not even my problem, why i should care too much?

problems, happiness come so fast yet fade so fast.
i learned, really i learn a lot this 3 years.
thanks for helping me to "shape" my traits, my personality

i want to welcome my new world
i want to be more adult and not put too much care on non sense things anymore
try to close one eyes and pretend not to know too much

thanks for my "anak ilalang" as well
i know both of you are sincere.

Wednesday, May 26


my most remembered 20th bday party by you

our first trip to Melaka and after dat there's another "big moment" :)

Our first CNY+Valentine celebration

Iloveu omg

With all my heart

from my deepest heart


Tuesday, May 25

Hey sexy girl from Kuala-la-la Lumpur

Lol.. recently i really into this song.. kinda addicted and surprisingly it is collaboration from Colby O' Donis with Mizz Nina (She's Malaysian) wow.. Malaysia Boleh!!! :)

Love the lyrics

Sexys my name 
Yeah sexys my name

Sexy girl from Kuala - la - la lumpur.. 


OK i need to focus myself.. final exam is coming soon, yet i haven prepare anything. keep browsing and stuck on the make up website. F.O.C.U.S Diana Panda :( 

Kinda sad update actually, feels totally down and hopeless, when i receive email from Four Season, if u bother to read my previous post, you know that i got accepted, but SHIT to the max, screw u MOM (Immigration of Singapore) they turn down my visa application. SCREW U EFF!!!!

and now i have to go back to Millenium Copthorne, and if they turn down my visa again, I'll pack all my stuff and rather go back hometown be a farmer.
T________________________T   FM"training"L

       OK have you go through my blog shop? :)

Friday, May 21

Thanks GOD, i've been selected at Four Season Hotel SINGAPORE!!!
Halleluyah Kam sia kam sia :)
hahahah.. mad happy (plis forgive)

waiting for visa approval, will you help me to pray for it to be approve faster?
Thank you :)

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Monday, May 17


Do i have passion on anything?

I really lost recently, i dont know which country for me , for my future.

where am i heading to now?

which hotel wanted to hire me as an intern?

I do have option and choices, KL i no need to worry about acommodation and stuff like that as im able to find part time job to support me and SG this i need to worry a lot, im just given low salary and it cant support my daily expenses at all. I'm not sure whether i can survive there, with lots of shopping centre around me and i cant shopping at all T_____T FML.

I dunno i need to stay KL or just grab the SG chances
I really dunno
God please help me to decide, I need to pass up the agreement letter this Friday yet i havent decide anything at all

Monday, May 10

Pink junkies

Anyone looking for pink mouse Logitech?
do email me then :)
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Saturday, May 8

Sweet day

last monday, me and dear went to Bukit Tinggi, it's somewhat like Genting i guess. haha. forgive me, i'm indonesian that tought 3 years ady in Malaysia never know anything LOL

So we went to French Village, but i didn't manage to take any pic there T______________T
Today post will full of my me moi foto only wearing kimono. You can rent it 30minute liddat for RM20. Feel abit expensive so i want to fully use the time to camwhore hahahaha

because we can only wear it and take pic around the area, so i try to snap every inch of the surrounding LOL

Here we go...

with dear :)

cacad face LOL

Fitting fitting

finish! yeay i can start walk walk as a japanesse girl ady :)

Inside the house

While waiting for our food to be serve at Rui Japanesse restaurant (if i'm not mistaken the name is RUI.. sorry if wrong hahaha, too happy with my dear, forget to remember the name)


hahaha.. this is my first phooshoot for Beautilicious make up brand.

stay tune :)

Friday, May 7

My wish list :)

Sorry readers, i've been neglacting my blog since 2 months? yeah, i tell why i didn't updates. it's because my lappie is officially R.I.P peacefully, due to "motherboard burn" ckckckckcckk.. FYI, i just change my motherboard 1 year ago, and now burnt again. dunno laptop inside problem or me.

Haish, though my dear borrow me his PC and make him can't play DOTA -dear so sweet- but i feel more comfy blogging if using my own lappie. haha enuf for the reasons.

well maybe it's time for new laptop. Macbook Pro with pink case perhaps?

Nice GOLD case or PINK case

This would be on top of my WISH LIST item that i wish to fulfill before i go for my internship.

Yeay.. forget to inform that June i will graduate from my degree course. and when i complete my internship that start from 26th June till 4th october i am officially a -DEGREE holder- Mommy be proud hehehe :)

Speaking about internship,till now only The Westin Hotel, KL did accept me, SIGH..

I dun want to undergo my training in KL, not because i don wan to stay near my dear, but far before i'm going to Taylor's, i swear to myself, i will start my career first in Singapore.

So die die also wait for Singapore job opportunity.
Nah, actually recently i've attend career talk organized by Taylor's and RPT - Singapore.

they are agent that helping us to get a job in SG, and they did offer me job in FASHION under RSH holdings that handle ZARA, MANGO, MASSIMO DUTTI, LACOSTE, SEPHORA,NIKE etc

one reason that they told me is if a fresh graduate want to work as Sales and Marketing person in 5 star hotel, it's almost impossible:

1st : because u r indonesian, which u dont have any networking yet. u don't know person, then how you're going to sell your room / event packages?

2nd : Because you don't have networking

3rd: Because you don't have netwaorking

ZZZZ.. it's true yet bitter fact that i have to face >.< speaking about networking, i do have own experiencees that i want to share with, on my first year in Malaysia, i only got RM 4/ hour job but due to networking slowly till now on my third year, i've done photoshoot as cosmetic and skin care model in one of famoust online shopping website, and my highest job i ever get is around rm 300/day. Here, the power of networking speak!

But i don't have any experience in fashion eh T_______________T

I think i might end up like this red girl LOL

If i get this job, i will save my Sing Dollar and buy myself flight ticket to Taiwan and buy all of JILL STUART product till i'm broke

OMG i really love LOVE love the packaging and everything :)

it's only available in JAPAN, TAIWAN and KOREA fml

Super cute blusher with it's brush

Start to slap myself

*Slap again*

So lovely all the packaging *droll*

Body bath set

Ok enough.. >.< and my last wish PANASONIC LUMIX LX 3

Zheng accesories