Wednesday, February 3

Diana = Hardworking girl XD

Feels like want to blog about Part time jobs tat I've applied since 2007 July until now ;)

After done browsing and selecting all the pictures.. i'm quite surprised that i actually did lots of part time jobs. but question is :

"why my bank account, my piggy bank ; the zero seems like not tambah one de?"

haish.. I think all are being transformed into bags, shoes, dresses .. *women mah* - still dun wan to admit tat not all women like shopping, some of them shop wisely-Not like me ;(

here are the list of the jobs i've done before. Start from 2007 until 2010.
I just list the jobs that i managed to take picture, the rest i will just listed it out. if i'm not forgotten. 4 years ago jobs, who's going to remember all? :D


1. Nandos - Midvalley
this is my first job eee.. Tough the pay is extremely so so so low.. but i got reasons to stay for 3 months because

- Six of us (we are housemate) worked together,so we can share our penat - pain - letih together, catch KTM, run like hells when we are almost late for 30mins LOL

- They give us 1/4 side of chicken + rice for the staff meal (imagine.. self service, means u walk to the kitchen yourself and picked watever piece of chicken tat looks "the biggest " in your eyes and bottomless softdrink, lemon tea, watever u named it ;)

2. Banquet Part timer


Mandarin oriental (got the honored to serve the VIP table and wore special uniform ;)

Shangrila Hotel

HGH convention centre
Again serving VIP tables ;)

Putrajaya convention centre


whole 5 months i dedicated myself for Sheraton Subang Hotel& towers

Lol. Did my training on this hotel (now is : Grand Dorsett)
have fun-joy-sad-happy-memorable- in these department:
*Front Office & Concierge
* Housekeeping

Realized tat on that 5 months, -Only at tat time- i managed to add extra kgs on my weight, sigh.. after training, get back to -Skinny.ugly.panda- WTF

Ah.. meet my bf (now ex bf) there as well


1. Ying ker low

Hakka cuisine theme restaurant at Sunway Pyramid
Kinda like the uniform, beside im hakka! hehe..

I'm working for CNY only for the whole 1 weeks, as a Hostess

2. Shogun

Work here for almost 3 months with shilvia and sherly.
Working with this 2 sisters really fun. No efforts of working at all, break time end up 1 hour longer than other staff, Going to toilet but end up for sitting and eat auntie annes when other staffs busy-ing served customer . LOL

have fun snapping picture ;)

There's a guest who asked for photo together. ;)

3. Che Go korean BBQ

LOL.. after Japanese , i go to Korean Food. Kimchi Kimchi every lunch and dinner. Slurppp.. last monday, i just had dinner there with shilvia , sherly and their mom. They're adding new staffs and the foods seems not as tasty as when i worked there - especially the BBQ chicken.

Work there with Shilvia again

4. Avira Promoter

3days worked as an anti virus promoter AVIRA at KLCC PC fair.
Muchee Loooove this job than being a -greet-taking order-Serve-clean-wipe table- job!

Thanks to auntie jean that introduce this job to me and also introduce my -now and forever bf- to moi.. <3>

5. Sony Centre - VAIO promoter

3 months contract job at Sunway Pyramid as well. This time also working with Shilvia (really my workmates eva) haha

Get to know bunch of new friends. also know my partner who really like to bully me, but now i miss him so x( also the staffs there which are so funny...

managed to take picture and yam cha with them on my last day

4. Sony Ericsson usherettes

about 5 hours working : simple job - Distributing door gift to guests ( Bluetooth handsfree + Travel Charger eeee isowant!) then bring the so heavy yet not steady awards and the prizes to the stage- asking customer to draw for lucky draw- FINISH

So no wonder i got lots of pictures to show u guys he he he

Last but not least

My current job as SAMSUNG promoter

at Sunway pyramid (again) lol, working in my sweet booth, next to -SONY booth my enemy competitor- at FOTOKEM. hehe

Sony promoter is Ken's brother, which my bf's brother..haha.. so i can rampas his customer without feeling guilty ha ha ha ha

Nikon promoter + Samsung promoter + Sony promoter = War he he

BEWARE of me ! Lol.

So tats it.. My entire working life during my 3 years study in malaysia. Mommy can not say i'm no use daughter who only ask for pocket money every month eh.. haha. ( tough till now im still asking for it , but at least small small thing like extra sho-pp-ing, tickets going back hometown, Thailand journey twice, Singapore trips, blah blah i use my own money loo..