Tuesday, January 26

Why I Like It Longer..

I bet all of us do like Checking :

using your phone. Or even checking to see how much $$$ left

inside (ZzZ this one always make me T__________T because the balance

always keepthan ...

But how eh, i can't enjoy all that social networking, i got Wi-Fi phone but so SMALL the screen.

Only appear my face nia

check twitter also T___T

everyone online-ing but i boh pien sit diam diam, cause..

Small Screen = TAK satisfied lah

some more they need to press one time nia to get a letter "C" and i have to press "THREE TIME" only got letter "C".. wasting time

BUT then .. One day;
When i go fishing, i supposed to get fat fish for my dinner but then what i get is A MERMAID!!!

See full size imageSee full size imageSee full size imageSee full size image

Yeeeeerr.. Look very cute and my eyes suddenly [sure worths for $$$ if i sell lor.. Slurpp]

But the mermaid's eyes was like this
(the mermaid eyes looks like this cat'e eyes which mean : BEGGINGGGG)

"Please let me free, and i will fulfill one wish for you"

I taught " Yer, one wish nia, so stingy lor, but mommy got teach to always nice with people even tough is only fish? or fish+girl? LOL

so i agree , and i wish :

PLEASE give me HAND PHONE that ALLOW ME to ACCESS BROWSING EASILY, great FINGER FRIENDLY 3D GRAPHICS, HAVE TO COME WITH GOOD QUALITY OF CAMERA, and no need to press any keyboard just touch touch nia, blah blah (*Greedymoodon*)

Then... The mermaid dance dance hula hula, and SHOUT loudly ABARALAKADERABRAAAAAAA!!!!!









Nothing happens de?

Bluff me a..



This fella give me

LG CHOCOLATE BL 40 series!
which have all features that i wish and 5 MEGAPIXELS camera to fulfill my narcism ;) plus the LONG LONG screen so tat i can youtube, saw my lovely picture better.. Hehe

Walaoooo damn chio lor..

then i can heard this fella said

"I came from AVATAR world and therefore this HP has come with contents of AVATAR as a memory for you..."


Sleek design.. very sexy looks handphone



Then now i got what other people got.. I can browse whenever wherever until i die (haha). who wants to date me for a movie? i can check it online using my new LG CHOCOLATE BL40 ;)

Very syokkkk..

Can hao lien to my friends ady..
Thanks mermaid! (eh.... LG ;P)

U can also get this HP by join this, Click here
But for sure it's only me who can get it from mermaid LOL..



Mr Lonely said...

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Alexis said...

panda! lu uda beneran kyk SPG lah nih. *ngakak bacanya. anw, love your post :)

Diana♥Panda said...

akakakaka ching, wa ne ge ikut competition a, emang bakat SPG ni kata anak2 sialan haha