Friday, December 18

Pantai cermin

Second day in Medan
Well, wake up 10am and mummy told me today plan is going to BEACH hehe..

Nothin proud about medan's beach.. Haih dirty but boh pien, better than no beach at all.. Got kelapa got water got banana boat ok ady lah hehe

Most important thing is the food! Walao so long ady tak makan crab shrimp big big de.. (not u pay hoho) save money wakwakwakwak


Yesterday leh second sist come and we do some girly thingy can say hiao hiao de thing haha.. Sister ask me how to use the fake eyelashes and there all night long we talk about it, using bobby brown eyeliner and foundation until our face like want go wedding party ady haha, but it's so so nice hehe.. Strong sisterhood ;)

Nah today go beach with dad, my third sist husband and 2 children.. Hoho

Waiting for my first sister to come..

It's so so so so fun if u have 6 sisters!!

Trust me hahahak

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