Tuesday, December 8

Going back home

Well few more days i will back to my hometown in medan. Feel kinda sad becuase i dun wan to left my dear here but i oso really miss my parents. Especially my dad whom always make me breakfast, hot milk aaaa all those things.. See and meet my sisters their lovely son and daughter.. I feel like everytime when i went back there's always a new niece or nephew waiting me.. LOL

Ah, another thing which make kinda sad.. My besties is going back to indonesia and not going to come back here.. Feel so sad as i share almost everything with her.. She is my housemate my fren and my sister ;( sob sob

I guess no one can replace her to be my shopping mate, laughmate.. Aih..

Dunt write sad things, it's for her goodness and i hope a good day and bright future forever for her

Love u sista

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oly said...

haha xD will miss u too babe!! should we B again when we meet!! x)))) and at least i wanna say thank you....thx 4 all your advice, thx 4 listening all my silly stories, thx 4 being there when i fall, thx 4 keep supporting me when i need trust, thx 4 reminding me to study, thx 4 the tears we shared, thanks for the joy we shared.. thanks for all the thing that you do to me panda... either good or bad all is really" meaningful to me!! i only can say THANKS!! i will miss u when the time we dance 2gether, singing 2gether, gossiping 2gether, cook 2gether and all the things that we shared 2gether..
although i'm not perfect maybe i do a lot mistake tat make you unhappy please forgive me!! keke xD
xoxo, oly <3

Diana♥Panda said...

love you so dear ;) miss u so much, may our frenship remains strong forever ;)