Tuesday, December 15

Bye malaysia.. Welcome Medan

Well here i am.. Waiting patiently at gate three waiting for boarding time.. I still can rewind the scene between me and dear.. Hiks.. So sad have to let him saw my back.. Luckyly only 2 weeks.. Dun naughty yah dear.. Remember to feed my fish lol..

Yeah.. After arrive medan i will definitely eat eat and eat!!! Sate padang.. Soto bakso pecel lele gado gado jurung fish manggo
chicken durian es teler u name it ;) huahua..

Good thing, none of this's paid from yer pocket.. Free free haha.. Feel so nice~

Will try my best to take care 12 of my nephews and nieces LOL

How they look like now? Sure still as naughty as 8 months ago.. Hehe

Aih my plane where are u e? Till now dun wan take off meh? Zzzzz

HORAS MEDAN ;)))))))))

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