Thursday, October 22

You belong to me

A black cat with a black backpack.

Nice Afternoon

Man 1 : Hi, erm.. this guy standing outside there, would like to have your cellphone number

Girl : Who's the guy? why he sent you here? If he want my number, he is the one who should come

Man 1 : I see I see (Going out)

Man 1 coming back again together with the Man 2, Man 1 push the man 2 inside the girl's room and left

Man 2 : What's he said to u?

Girl : That u're asking my number?

Man 2 : Aaah.. So can i?

san-xのたれぱんだ on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Aah.. i would like to share 1 link. it's very nice video, it's really touching

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