Thursday, October 22

You belong to me

A black cat with a black backpack.

Nice Afternoon

Man 1 : Hi, erm.. this guy standing outside there, would like to have your cellphone number

Girl : Who's the guy? why he sent you here? If he want my number, he is the one who should come

Man 1 : I see I see (Going out)

Man 1 coming back again together with the Man 2, Man 1 push the man 2 inside the girl's room and left

Man 2 : What's he said to u?

Girl : That u're asking my number?

Man 2 : Aaah.. So can i?

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Aah.. i would like to share 1 link. it's very nice video, it's really touching

Saturday, October 17


Failed opportunities no Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

Well, i've started my degree for almost 4 months, but seems like i didnt even learn any from it. Let me go through 1 by 1 what courses i have for degree;

My comment : erm, i think this one quite ok, at least i need it for my French trip on March

My comment : See full size image omg.. This lecture make us sleep because of his non sense and boring subject, talking about how to make our dissertation but linked it with so not interesting examples every time. Plus from this subject will be: my lecture always switch off all lights make everyone sleep without being caught hehe~

3rd subject LAW for Hospitality
My comment : Actually for people who like and love politic or law, this is so so so nice subject, but i'm so so so boring like hell whenever i join the class. ZzzzZzz

My comment : At last, this is the only subject i think important for me, for my future. The course structure is teaching us of how should we think back and front side in making more $$$$$ (aww. I heart $$$$). The lecture Mr, Shentil is a nice guy but always call me when there's discussion~sigh.

5th subject MICE
My comment : I ever briefly mentioned this subject on my previous post, yep.. this subject is the one that need us to organize an event from ZERO capital, finding sponsor, organize roadshow, marketing our merchandise and making the event goes smooth and success. A 60% mark worth inside
Kind of important subject but we do nothing as well in the classroom as everytime is all about meeting meeting, brainstorming, presentation bla bla. The rest : Playing :)

6th Subject COMH Computer Management Hospitality or IT
My comment : NONE as i never join this class fufufufu

7th subject MKTL Marketing Applied
My comment : All we have to do is create questionnaire and distributed to everyone, forcing ppl to fill it up, and we have to -i dun know how- into SPSS program, aih~ and summore have to compile it to minimum 10000 words. Thats all, no lecturing in class.

SO do u think i learn anything?
i mean i really want to learn things like i learn in my Higher Diploma, Accounting, Financial.... and not like this, going to class -> sit -> going back

The only thing that motivate me is only that i'm going to FRANCE for study and fun trips on March, 2010. So so so so excited ;p
Going to buy nice coat as heard it'll still winter when i reach there

J'aime Tour le France! Tu as?

Wednesday, October 14

Have u donate recently?

Wew.. it's been ages, i din have any motivation to blogging my daily life.. Not that i dont have anything to share recently, but i really busy preparing and sending all those proposal to all prospective companies who willing to sponsor our event.


Let me share u a bit, what's my event is all about.. It's our mid term assignment, can say, which carried about 60% of our mark, kind of big big assignment i ever did so far in my college life.

The task of this assignment :

Each student will be elect for any kind of position and they have to perform certain kind of tasks and participate on class meeting, brainstorming as well as as the end of the class to learn and understand on how to set up an event, from beginning until end of the event.

Some of the position to fill in are:
-Event manager
-Sales and Marketing

overall we have 46 student in our group. I am under Sponsorship department and my leader is Jonathan, he is malaysian and i am the assistant leader =)

It's been around 1 and half month ady, and as time goes by ,we try all the best to approached one by one company.
Many thanks to my dear who contribute his time, to fetch me trying my luck in Shah alam glenmerie there, Padini, Popeyes etc countless..
really appreciate as all the sponsorship team, most of them are indonesian and didnt have their own transportation.
Going there by Taxi? wew..

DIE lar.. ;)

AH, forget to spread the news, please do visit our event blog HERE

Venue : Subang Parade



So i meet u there? *wink

We are selling the merchandise such as mini cute towel, mini pocket cutleries, cap, badge bla bla (details on our event's blog)
all the sales will go to NKF National Kidney Foundation Malaysia.. Have fun as well as Do some charity :)

Many Thanks to
Ken Lim
Glorry Darmanto
Loh Chia Chuen
Susan Panda
May Tan
William Salim
Vinny Wijaya

For buying our event Tshirt ;)

When tricky test is fun