Sunday, September 13

So this is the life

I hate working life if it's so suck like hell
being control
being scold
everything has to be perfect under supervisor's order
has to do wat he want
1 good example for u guys======> all the staff had their dinner on a big big table and just left it without wiped on their own awareness,and left me the poor girl to do the wiping, did i mention all the chicken bones, yucky oily spread on the table and OMFG! the wiping cloth which i think never been washed for ages or maybe never washed.. so SMELLY!!! aaghhhh~

See full size image
Just imagine this sock is the wiping cloth (same odor i bet)

When i was in senior high school, i really want to enter this adult life, working life , college life which i think will be so amazing, challenging and so on. everything about how to earn money, social climber, blah blah

hmm.. BUT now i miss my senior high school life like HELL.. No people scold me, maybe teacher if i din pass up the homework , lol..

My senior high school =(

In school life, no one will control u, summore u get "pocket money" from ur mom.. NOW? haha.. feel sorry if i still asking my mum for another penny.. hehe, but be honest although i'm working now, i think my every month's salary will never ever cover my expenses.. sigh.. pai seh for myself.. but wat to do? i need sumthin to pamper myself.. GIRLs mah *wink*

I heart shopping ;)

psst: i'm part timer at che go restaurant, but because of today, i wont recommend u to dine there =) see if tomorrow bos treat me nice, I'll post all about che go , nice nice de ( haha.. so easy to change heart xD )

I hope doing this part time job as only part time college student did~ after graduate i want this kind of job :)

BEING A HOTELIER working in 7 star hotel
God bless me :)

yeah, i'm so sleepy now~ nite readers

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