Wednesday, September 9

A nite to remember ~ Port Dickson

So today i'm going to talk about Ken birthday..
let me intro u a bit about this guy~

We meet on PC fair, 31 July-2 Aug 2009 at KLCC, that time we are working as a promoter for Avira Anti Virus

That pics was taken on the last day of PC fair, then at night we hoop up to Look Out point for supper..

The view there was very nice, but unfortunately i din take any pics at all, busy eating and feeding the fishes on the pool =)

The next day, we still communicating although no more working, as time goes by, until now as u can see, he is my boyfriend =) the rest of the story let only both of us know *wink*

Okay, on 22 of august i'm here at Port Dickson celebrating his 21st birthday, all around 11 people, i dont know most of them except dixen and his gf as we ever watch movie together, ivan and sharron for 1 supper at asia cafes, the rest i know only during the party, but the gank are very friendly..

when the clock tick on 12, we all sing a birthday song for him, and let him blow his candle, and make a wish ( hmm.. what is his wish???) hehe...

after that we push the whole cake into his face ( read : his face) huahaua... i really regret i dont have the video on me.. so funny ..

Hope u enjoy your 21st birthday dear~

I want to share u 1 video that touching my heart, the boy's gank pose and sing this for Ken so that he will " :) " with me , the song and the choreography is so suddenly and didnt plan one, salute for the boys hehe
Thanks :)

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