Wednesday, September 9

Get a Life , Have a life

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Dating someone is always exciting. the rush of feelings you get accompanied by the desire to spend every minute together basking in the yummy gooey feelings of "first like" are awesome.. ;p

Well, today actually will be my special memory day if my boyfriend (yup, i ady accept him) really confessed on today as he planned with my besties oly.. 09.09.09 wew, nice date to memories..
but, actually, who cares? as long as, i do accept him, and i do know he really love me, i think date is just a small lil matter :)


Speaking about relationship~ i do hope this cute and (aih, honestly i really love his smile..really really like it - Paiseh) guy will be my future. I hate being talked as a playgirl just because i do have more than 2 ex in 2 years.. :( one thing that make me feels there's hope is my parent do agree on my relationship now, lucky no more age's matter :P

Here's some pics of me and my bf :P
Last Monday we went to melaka just for food hunting i guess, we'd tried sate celup (Q for 30minutes urgh), Asam laksa, blah blah..

. Shil-Val-Me-Dear

Haha, seems like my boy fren ady with my besties

Try the Eye on Malaysia , but we cant request 1 boat for 2 person, so i end up sharing boat hipks =(

Nice view :P

Can say it's a fun yet tiring journey, but i cant wait to explore another site of Malaysia :)
Crazy Couple

Pulau perhentian (anyone?) :p

Anyway speaking about 09.09.09 , how u guys think of me marry on 11/11/11 it's my 23rd birthday, and i really thinks it's cute..go plan plan plan now..tee hees~
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