Monday, August 10

Heartbreak 09/08/09

yeah.. people said it's better to be loved than loving.. it really hurts you when you know after almost one year the person that you love is not loving u as much as u do.. or worse, he never..
kinda sad..
but i break up for my own good reason with my boyfriend..
i haven officially told anyone, only few who know..
i'm afraid to tell
i'm scared
i'm afraid of losing again
but i hope outside there, there's still have someone who really love me the way i am ..
it's just when and where will i meet that guy ..


getspears said...

i knw how you feel panda, i was in yer shoes before. it will b weird to knw the person whom we used to love is no longer wit us - frm being a stranger to bein a friend, to being more than just a friend, and ended up being a stranger again, n it happened so fast... wht you've gotta do is to b strong ya, n the best is just yet to come :)

miss u,


Diana♥Panda said...

ahh.. tanks for your support dear.. but it's just too hurt..

miss u too

Renungan Si Ego said...

Cheer up fella! Everything will be fine. Life goes on. =)