Sunday, June 7

Miss party harder - Shopping harder - Study *******

Well, now waiting for my TCS trial paper out at 2pm, Omigeee I'm so afraid of it, since my HMCS trial paper only score me 13 out of 20.. but actually i can do more than it, if i did seriously studying Human resources appraisal method.. huhu..

for you guys information, i'm talkin about my Final year exam.. TCS is Technical Case Study which examine u on Room Division and Restaurant thingy, like how to calculate par stock for laundry, how to calculate an average room rate blah blah~

And the craziest one is HMCS which is Hospitality MAnagement Case Study

it's consists of 10 subjects :
- Principle Accounting
- Cost Accounting
- Economic
- Hospitality Law
- Financial Management
- Sales & Marketing
- Applied decision making
- Human Resources
- Financial Maths
- Business Maths

So.. who said that Hospitality is an easy course?

hehe.. just want to share u what i'm going to study in 2 days time~

Do pray for me, will u?

And no more shopping

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