Tuesday, June 2

Friends for all~ all for friends

Recently.. no mood to think of all that happen recently~
damn tired of Exam.. Blogging at ICT after oral Bahasa Malaysia Exam~

I just want to pray, may God listen and blow it to the one i'm trying to share to, Gosh i just too scared to speak directly to them~

" My dear friend, thanks for all the memories we share together, for so long, i would like to say i really never ever regret that i have a good friends good sisters as you two~ i know we don't have any problems at all and i will assure i will never let any problems get into us, but the reason is it is out of my power now~ i can do nothing~ all i can do now is pray and may someday~ that happy and sweet moments with you all will come again~ I love u

Miss se ge at your house~ hehe....


Adora07 said...

hihihi.. there is nothing can break our friendship again. At least I won't let it got ruined. I know who my true friends are >.~

Diana♥Panda said...

thanx dear~ yeah, true friend will always know the way to go back to our heart eventough they might get blur in the middle of the journey.