Wednesday, June 17


Pic credit to Oly

I've started my fkn exam on 1st of June and finally i can scream " FREEEEEEE" tomorrow by 2pm... oh my god, it's 20 days exam and wth for all of it.. squeezed my brain till nothing left to do other thing, playing my mood, my emotions and almost got me heart attacks for damn unnecessary nervous facing my jury and fkn external jury from hell planet i guess..

Anyway, everything is over now (although i still have french oral tomorrow, but i cant stop yelling freedom and everything that smell freedom, nothing can stop me to keep smiling tomorrow)
for sure i will spend my whole night partying tomorrow!!! tee hees~

Exam makes me crazy~ swing my mood badly, therefore sorry for everyone whom affected or being hurt by my attitude~ esp to someone, yeah feel no mood to talk it anymore since it's over i guess..

Anyway it makes me laugh for a good 5 minutes when my friends told me her friends experiences on the exam room, we are having sales and negotiation exam at that time:

friend : So miss XXX, may i know the majority of guest are coming from which planet? ( she's actually want to ask from which country ha ha)

and the jury replies " From Planet mars"

and the student jot it down "mars" on her paper sheet... ahahaha oh my god, exam making us feels so BLUR

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