Friday, June 12

Don't you just hate a long Good Bye?

Hmm.. on this special opportunity, i would like to express my bla bla to one of my friend who son will go back kampung (wakaka)

Well i don't know him altough we are studying in the same senior high school, until i know from eliza, she told me that she has fren who choose hospitality in Taylor's college..

"wah, in my mind.. i have hometown fren there ^^ so i get his numero telephone and sms him~~~

Bla bla

Wah, i have gone through ( i can say) so many things with him

1. Karaoke Mate.. dancing asereje , hula hula
2. Taxi mate .. Going to Sheraton Hotel (training) together
3. Working mate (training together & being place in almost the same dept)
4. Tari Kipas Mate ( haha.. you know i know *wink* ) dont forget to remember the part where i'd almost hit .. or actually someone's ***** ^^
5. Partner watching "eeeeeevaaaaaaa"
6. Status from :
- Boyfriend
- Neighbourhood
- Cousin
- Friend from Africa
- Father
- Ex father

bla bla~

Bye my what so called [ B N C F F E ] the status keep change make me blur oso hehe~

Ok now let's picture get it's turn to talk ^^

Annual dinner Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers , Theme : Retro Nite
From left to right : Ong , Howard and Me.. Nice photo shoot by Chef Michael
Attending Trainee's gathering for Ong and friends farewell ceremony
A quick snap at Nose waiting for my friend, she's so excited on buying new pair of slippers and left us waiting her for ages T,T
Have a Free lunch at Emperor chinese restaurant tee hees~ In love with the durian Tempura and someone who working inside there <3
Dancing members
Howard soon to be gf : Dolly he ^^
Another quick snap at Cipit house after "Candle light Nandos dinner" at subang parade
Mos - Last day of Term 5
Sayonaraaaa~ ^^

Dedicated To Howard Chandra


howard chandra said...

cant describe it in words. *speechless* just A BIG THANK YOUUUU!! haha. anw, you should crop the 2nd pic, rotate some of it and DELETE THE LAST PIC!!haha FYI, you still owe me a bowl of laksa.

thanks to eliza too! haha.

Diana♥Panda said...

Wakaka.. Iyes.. i should crop that and put it in FS like last time we -almost- did~

Ehem, do you mean you OWE me laksa? i think situation is diff now tee hees ^^