Monday, June 22

New House

Ah.. damn damn tired today~

spending about 7 hours in my new house at suria mas ^^
so happy finally can move out from my old house
they'd done putting the furniture like dining table, sofa ( i heart the sofa), washing machine, fridge etc
can imagine ard where I'm going to lay down and have a cup of tea hehehehe..
and i'm soooo inpatient to move my things all, then going to IKEA =D

i'm so tired now

will posted the picture later..

anyway, i just realized one thing today..after chatting with my fren,
"that if you have brain, you will always have friends, don't care whether it's fake ( for sure they are fake ) at least you have friends, so used your brain in a very maximum ways =)"

Thursday, June 18


All the best for tommorow 7pm^^ Hope everyone pass~ we study together, we go to school together and we have to pass together.. All for one one for all HALELUYAHHHHHH

And as i mentioned on my previous blog, i'll spend my whole night partying for sure hehe~

Wednesday, June 17


Pic credit to Oly

I've started my fkn exam on 1st of June and finally i can scream " FREEEEEEE" tomorrow by 2pm... oh my god, it's 20 days exam and wth for all of it.. squeezed my brain till nothing left to do other thing, playing my mood, my emotions and almost got me heart attacks for damn unnecessary nervous facing my jury and fkn external jury from hell planet i guess..

Anyway, everything is over now (although i still have french oral tomorrow, but i cant stop yelling freedom and everything that smell freedom, nothing can stop me to keep smiling tomorrow)
for sure i will spend my whole night partying tomorrow!!! tee hees~

Exam makes me crazy~ swing my mood badly, therefore sorry for everyone whom affected or being hurt by my attitude~ esp to someone, yeah feel no mood to talk it anymore since it's over i guess..

Anyway it makes me laugh for a good 5 minutes when my friends told me her friends experiences on the exam room, we are having sales and negotiation exam at that time:

friend : So miss XXX, may i know the majority of guest are coming from which planet? ( she's actually want to ask from which country ha ha)

and the jury replies " From Planet mars"

and the student jot it down "mars" on her paper sheet... ahahaha oh my god, exam making us feels so BLUR

Saturday, June 13

25 Random Things about W's Beauty Editors:

25 Random Things about W's Beauty Editors:

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In Love with Sorority Games <3

this two days i really into my lappie ~ playing one of the games on Facebook name Sorority, it's a girl's games i can say, building house and invite frens to be your sister and use your energy and confident to attack others house uahaha~ Nice games to chill my mind after a long long long exam T,T

Click on this SORORITY , it'll link you up ^^

Do add me fellas on Together we attack other's house hihi~

Friday, June 12

Don't you just hate a long Good Bye?

Hmm.. on this special opportunity, i would like to express my bla bla to one of my friend who son will go back kampung (wakaka)

Well i don't know him altough we are studying in the same senior high school, until i know from eliza, she told me that she has fren who choose hospitality in Taylor's college..

"wah, in my mind.. i have hometown fren there ^^ so i get his numero telephone and sms him~~~

Bla bla

Wah, i have gone through ( i can say) so many things with him

1. Karaoke Mate.. dancing asereje , hula hula
2. Taxi mate .. Going to Sheraton Hotel (training) together
3. Working mate (training together & being place in almost the same dept)
4. Tari Kipas Mate ( haha.. you know i know *wink* ) dont forget to remember the part where i'd almost hit .. or actually someone's ***** ^^
5. Partner watching "eeeeeevaaaaaaa"
6. Status from :
- Boyfriend
- Neighbourhood
- Cousin
- Friend from Africa
- Father
- Ex father

bla bla~

Bye my what so called [ B N C F F E ] the status keep change make me blur oso hehe~

Ok now let's picture get it's turn to talk ^^

Annual dinner Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers , Theme : Retro Nite
From left to right : Ong , Howard and Me.. Nice photo shoot by Chef Michael
Attending Trainee's gathering for Ong and friends farewell ceremony
A quick snap at Nose waiting for my friend, she's so excited on buying new pair of slippers and left us waiting her for ages T,T
Have a Free lunch at Emperor chinese restaurant tee hees~ In love with the durian Tempura and someone who working inside there <3
Dancing members
Howard soon to be gf : Dolly he ^^
Another quick snap at Cipit house after "Candle light Nandos dinner" at subang parade
Mos - Last day of Term 5
Sayonaraaaa~ ^^

Dedicated To Howard Chandra

Another Memories *,^

Let's picture talks :

Looking for furniture at IKEA, going to buy wardrobe there~

Group Study in my room tee hees~ From left to right : Oly, lala and Natalia
Hmm.. only 45kg, someone i want 50kg!!! how?

There are many nice spot in fullhouse to fulfil your Narsis hehe~

Sunday, June 7

Miss party harder - Shopping harder - Study *******

Well, now waiting for my TCS trial paper out at 2pm, Omigeee I'm so afraid of it, since my HMCS trial paper only score me 13 out of 20.. but actually i can do more than it, if i did seriously studying Human resources appraisal method.. huhu..

for you guys information, i'm talkin about my Final year exam.. TCS is Technical Case Study which examine u on Room Division and Restaurant thingy, like how to calculate par stock for laundry, how to calculate an average room rate blah blah~

And the craziest one is HMCS which is Hospitality MAnagement Case Study

it's consists of 10 subjects :
- Principle Accounting
- Cost Accounting
- Economic
- Hospitality Law
- Financial Management
- Sales & Marketing
- Applied decision making
- Human Resources
- Financial Maths
- Business Maths

So.. who said that Hospitality is an easy course?

hehe.. just want to share u what i'm going to study in 2 days time~

Do pray for me, will u?

And no more shopping

Thursday, June 4

Why sooooooo seriousss????

huahauahaua.. finally can breath for 3 days(only) before the real exam ( pray pray pray)

Finish my last exam, which is training Ms mun yee on how to do table d'hote setting fiuh, done it quite nice but i'd ran out of time sigh~ but will sure to keep practising well for the real war~ anyway i'm so happy yesterday, and i'm so in love~~~~ power power hehe

it's secret btw, sorry ^^

Tuesday, June 2

Friends for all~ all for friends

Recently.. no mood to think of all that happen recently~
damn tired of Exam.. Blogging at ICT after oral Bahasa Malaysia Exam~

I just want to pray, may God listen and blow it to the one i'm trying to share to, Gosh i just too scared to speak directly to them~

" My dear friend, thanks for all the memories we share together, for so long, i would like to say i really never ever regret that i have a good friends good sisters as you two~ i know we don't have any problems at all and i will assure i will never let any problems get into us, but the reason is it is out of my power now~ i can do nothing~ all i can do now is pray and may someday~ that happy and sweet moments with you all will come again~ I love u

Miss se ge at your house~ hehe....