Friday, May 8


Sleep at 5 in the morning
spend around 7 hours doing nothing in front of my lappie but i managed to decorate and change my blog.. look nicer? (: i hope so, my eyes looked like real panda now.. so sad i can't effort to awake my eyes for another minutes altough i really want to share with you my day.. no worries, i promise to update it as soon as i can..
tommorow is waisak day (: my boy and i will go to temple maybe afternoon after he finish his work, me and my soon-to-be housemates will go to suria mas => future house tommorow morning to meet the agent, our house is partly furnish.. so sad we can't find any fully furnished one.. we are in hurry on this, Trial exam is coming soon, hope the best for Term 6 student [fight fight]

5.15am already; My eyes don't want to co-operate with me anymore,
 so nite worlds <3


howard chandra said...

mana ada bagus2nya 7 hrs decorate.. hahaha

Diana♥Panda said...