Tuesday, May 12

Tuesday Je t'aime


Lovely Tuesday

I always love Tuesday~

Why? Because that’s the day when I can have my boy for the whole day and feels like not want to share him with anyone even his mom *evil laugh* kd.. I’m not that cruel, sometimes we do have dinner together... And his parent kinda nice

Went to One u , and














Finnaly I have this pair of ankle shoe strap from Charles and Keith J

I love the heels and the strap; feel very comfortable in my feet ~ tee hees

Thanks darling

Lastly, Had dinner at Ayam penyet Ria, it’s Indonesian Traditional food serves ayam, lele, telur, bakso everything in penyett style (picture-TBpost later) haha.. If u don’t eat spicy, then better not go there, u will end up sweating a lot and ordering 4 glass of ice waters..

one of the victim is ……… Me and another one is…my boy!.. haha.. Poor Malaysian guy and indonesian girl, most indonesian love spicy but I’m sure I’m not included.

Went to 100 yen store nearby Mentari, got myself choc milk snow ice for dessert.. No picture for ice cream but it’s very soft and tasty :p hmm.. Hope I wont get any stomachache since spicy and cold is not a good combination~

This cute bag with blue ribbon is a goodie bag from one event held in my college. It’s called METAMORPHOSISE event, nice event, they do invite JOYCE (Malaysia Celebrity Blogger) to give a seminar and many other great ppl~ unfortunately I can’t join, I have class until 2pm and the seminar end on 3pm, no use~ sigh, kind of interesting with this event

I don’t get this Goodie Bag actually, you have to join their Photo shot session to get those bag~ but my dearest friend sherly managed to get me one awww~ <3

So today I got 2 bag , both of them tells different stories *wink*

Monday, May 11


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Saturday, May 9

Quotes Of the day~

Don't you know it's true what they say?
things happen for a reason, but you are time's coming around
don't stop TRYING! Don't stop!
never never give up!
hold your head high and reach the top
let the world see what you have got
bring it all back to you!!


PS: Happy Wesak Day ^^ for all who celebrate
Anyway have you think of giving  any present to your beloved mum tomorrow? I do.. but since matter of distance i will just call her.. as long as she know that i do care and the most important thing is I HEART HER so much.. (",) 

Friday, May 8


Sleep at 5 in the morning
spend around 7 hours doing nothing in front of my lappie but i managed to decorate and change my blog.. look nicer? (: i hope so, my eyes looked like real panda now.. so sad i can't effort to awake my eyes for another minutes altough i really want to share with you my day.. no worries, i promise to update it as soon as i can..
tommorow is waisak day (: my boy and i will go to temple maybe afternoon after he finish his work, me and my soon-to-be housemates will go to suria mas => future house tommorow morning to meet the agent, our house is partly furnish.. so sad we can't find any fully furnished one.. we are in hurry on this, Trial exam is coming soon, hope the best for Term 6 student [fight fight]

5.15am already; My eyes don't want to co-operate with me anymore,
 so nite worlds <3

Monday, May 4

Sweet afternoon

Having dessert in sunway pyramid,n0wadays its so hot as i really craving for ice cream or watever cool

Got sms around 2 in the morning from someone i heart the most

"Good night..Miss you too"..

awww..so sweet.. <3
Good nite too dear.. Loveu