Sunday, April 26

Sharing my 3 days 2 nights weekend..
friday night: sing sing sing.. karaoke with dolly and howard, my two -soon going to a'lia frens- ='( too bad.. no more craziest dancer hula2 when we sing asereje.. =D

we drop by giordano shop, bought 3 cute tees same colour same pattern diff size hehe.. 
it's like small memories for us to keep  =( hiks hiks.. i never know why we tend to lost ppl that we have fun with than ppl that we feel veryyy annoying (But this type of ppl seems like last forever) huh..

anyway here's our pic ( me and dolly got new bang =P )
check it out..

buahaha.. if dolly or me went to toilet, then one of us will look like howard's gf, because we wear the same "couple" tees wakakak..

saturday: having lunch with oly at Api - poulet penyet .. feels like sore throat, so i order bakso.. not really nice.. ( i miss bakso mamat medan) but they give me 4 extra big bakso..heppy..

collecting my questionnaires from hotel.. chit chatting.. 
going to easy store at mentari downstairs, shop for bread and 1 cartons of mineral water(!) hahaha.. now i have 12 bottles of 1.5 litre sea master min water.. ( enough for 2 weeks ) 

sunday: sometimes we remember what we need to do just in the right time before it's to late.. good for me =p i remember that i haven't check airasia tickets and when i surf for it, omg.. today is the last day for booking..haha how lucky i am.. soo i will go back hometown with only rm 128.. save me a lot.. haha..

shopping at midvalley, spend whole evening with oly,cipit and dolly..
i bought cardigan and 1 pair of vincci shoes.. it's baby blue .. i love the colour, very light and soft =) and lucky for me again.. it's the last pair.. somemore 20% discount hahaha...

this is how i spend my weekend .. fun yet tired.. anyway.. why i didnt mention anything related to TIS?? huahuahua.. 

will try to finish it soonnnn and hand it to my tutor so that no more stress any worries again 
cia you!

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