Friday, April 17

Moi avec Mon chu et mon amie

Moi avec Mon chu et mon amie

TIS .. TIS this is report that i have to submit 4 weeks later to my lecturer.. it's very tough and i still have no idea what i need to write haha.. 

then i make an appoinment wit my training manager, miss Helen, she is very kind and help me a lot.. she even
 let me borrow her front office book ^^ 

my boyfriend working in this hotel (while i was training at this hotel , i meet him), he called me, and we go yamcha.. at Taiwan little snack.. opposite Asia's very
 yummy esp if u eat when u are really thirsty^^

o ya.. it's also very lovely 
it's a self service,means u have
 to take your order by yourself.. 
but in this lil cafe, they give u an UFO ^^,
 u just take it,  have a seat, chill first, and when your order is ready, this cute thing will vibrate (!) then u just go to the counter and pay.. haha.. unique

I went to Sheraton with Howard today.. he is the one whom i always  spend my training time day by day with him haha.. he is my "father" as he is my close friend..
we take a pic on august 2008.. then we take pic again in same position, same place but diff camera(!) both are howard's Handphone.. he change his phone dy (envy) hehe..

see the diff 

08-2008 04-2009

Any diff?

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