Wednesday, April 29

~Blur Feeling~

i don't know what happen to me many things change..i can't even beared with it. My boy have his own problem,which i really want to offer my hand to help him but i couldn't, my old friends who seem to be my very best friend in the past has called me just to ask stupid thingy and hung up immedietly without any further chit chat..i think i do have problem with someone which i don't even know why she act like this to me without explaning 

for myself.. i've been given 7 full days of holiday, but i spend it almost half already doing nothing, wake up and end up staring at my labtop, browsing whatever websites,going to the nearest shopping mall to fulfill my boreness,and woolah.. time's show it's midnight already,yet i haven't finish my report, i keep waiting without move,pretend to wait for the perfect one,which if i still waiting i know it will kill me slowly..will i move on ?

evryday pass without any futher plan..

anyways.. got 2 tees from cheras nightmarket..i just realize it's very cute after i tried it on :) good thing for me at least..teehees
Night fellas.. i wonder if i can make a good start tomorrow XfingercrossX

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