Wednesday, April 22

* 6 hours at LCCT *

i never expect i can spend such long hours at LCCT.. huahua.. all come along from my mum.. her arrival is unexpected.. suddenly she text me, told me to catch her at LCCt.. well since i missssss my mum bloody hell.. i rush to LCCT, begging my boyfren drive me there :) 

meeting my mum, well first comment that come from her mouth is : diana, u so skinny..
oh mummyyyyy.. i already eat a lot.. tons even (!) but seems like my body never progress well, and it all ended up in (____) huahua..

today is my housemate GEGE bday.. well, happy bday for her.. hope that this year bday is last long for her :)

Meet sherly at LCCT, because my boyfren can't fetch me from there.. i go back with her together with her frens, andri and min cek, so lucky i meet them, can tumpang2 go back..haha..

ah.. very tired today.. feel so weak both mind and heart.. thinking of my TIS thinking of what should i ask for interview session with my FO manager.. thinking where i will end up next year.. thinking where should i live in next 2 month.. thinking and thinking.. haih..

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