Wednesday, February 25

Well I'm here .. Newbee :)

Ok.. let me guess.. i think i'll be the next blog addicted ( start very late .. but better than not ) hehehe..

simply introduce myself..

1. Born in medan.. with "Panda as my family name"

2. Fashion Lover

3. Trying to say good bye to " childish" always add this statement into my revolution each year.. but never change until now.. but i will never give up .. cheers :)

4. Simply easy going.. easy to get bore and very always get confused of even a lil thing.. sigh..

recently i've read a good book

"Happiness Now" by Andrew Matthews.. he rocks!

here some that i can quote from his awesome book :

that we :

- Can handle the present . it's just the future that give you trouble!

- Have to get happier when life gets tough because it's making our mentally FIT

- Can tell ourself " I WOULD PREFER "A" , BUT IF "B" HAPPENS , ITS OK TOO!"

- That's no reason to shout ppl out and beat them up just because they don't follow what you expect

To be continue.... ( i haven't finish read lot's of exam waiting :) but yet i found many spirit word in evry single page)



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