Saturday, September 10

Shangri-La Hi Tea Buffet

Hello again!

Wanna blog about my recent outing and jobs ^^

Last day of fasting month before Raya, Me and few colleagues went to Shangri- La Putrajaya for Hi-Tea Buffet.. So this is Happy Panda a.k.a starving evil Panda who very "kiasu" skip breakfast and lunch so she can hantam everything in the buffet with empty stomach.

Arrived - was checking the swimming pool while waiting for another colleague. Wow i truly impressed with the layout, feel like swimming.. since i can has the nice view with tree surrounding around.

See? this is what i mean..

Another pic.. thou i'm noob in swimming, but 1.5M won't make me drawn ba.. haha i'll wear my 5inch heels if it is needed.. LOL

Yours truly.

Ok la.. purpose going there is makan, so we head down to our first meal of the day..
i'm huge FAN of prawns.. This is always the first food i'll look for..

Pic #2

Bread station

Oh this is nyum nyummeh

Some of my collegues

Group photo

Sooo CUTE!

Ok la, end this post with own vain pic ;)

Tuesday, August 30

Mean Machines 2011

Today i wanna share with you my very first competition, it's related to car somemore ==" every girls look so pretty and have lots of experiences, i "chut kia" beh phai se go and join. Andrew (a very nice guy) from Mean Machines organizer contact me on FB and ask me whether i'm interested with this search or not, i was still an intern that time at MyDEAL, feel so low confident that time and thinking to pass this competition, the shooting for pre elimination held in Penang and i have a terrible toothache during the shooting day for KL one, but the organizer (Kath and bf) really so nice waiting for me in front of dentist till i finished +.+ so here i am, shoot..shoot..shoot, then on 24-25 Oct 2010, Diana Panda went all the way to Juru Autocity and fight fight with other contestant.

Let pictures talk the rest, k?

Some of the contestants , me and Jenny were the only two KL kia

25 Oct 2010 - Announcement of the winner. I won another subtitle, Miss Little Tree, a car freshener brand. Got trophy ^^ and the hamper was quite big, but i left some of it :( cannot bring back KL that time. Sad. There are total 8 subtitles to win, Miss Popularity, Miss Photogenic, Miss Prioner, Miss Tom's sticker, Miss Little tree, Miss erm forget jor. Forgive me haha.. this is almost one year ago thing le.. I was so so happy already can get one subtitle, didn't even think of other like getting a title.

All the contestant, 14 girls ^^

OMG, i managed to get the 2nd runner up position :"( I almost cry seriously because i don't know how to pose, how to talk to audience and how to walk and pose with the Car for the judging part.

So happy ^^ Thank you all for the supports.

Will never forget this memory :)

Saturday, August 27

2nd Anniversary

Hi dearies, Wanna share some post with you all.. Tomorrow will be my 2nd anniversary with my dear dear.. Time flies so fast ~ May happiness forever with us till the end of time ^^

Pic above taken by 3 friends of mine, they are very nice :) wanna meet them again for yumcha session again. There's lot of pictures that haven't upload to Facebook.. ==" Lazy pig.

Btw wanna wish Muslims advance Raya wishes! ^^

Going to Starhill soon for some pampering session. Mani Pedi ^^

Till the next post ~

Friday, August 5


Yesterday went to carrefour, bought so many household stuffs, imma going to wash bathroom for the first time, walao.. Praise me can..

Dear bought me rice cooker, then mommy brought some kitchen utensil from Medan happy. Then i just need to add on salt, pepper and so on. Went to carrefour with JunJie .. Haha so fun!

Will start cooking for my dinner soon. Browsing lots of website searching for delicious recipe :)

One my colleague , hehe :)

My fourth sister is coming tomorrow, with her daughther and husband. Will going to fetch her at KL sentral after work. Even bought new extra mattress for them.

Will update again soon :)

PS: saw this ice cream before? It's Nestle product, never saw it before.. Come with 2 flavour, vanilla-grape ( right ) and vanilla - mango (left) . You can peel the jelly skin ( like eating banana) haha. So cute. RM 1 available in any convinience store.

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Tuesday, August 2


Hi sweeties..

Yesterday went to Fahrenheit88 after fong gong to do manicure.. Supposingly i will go to Starhill but they manicurist recommend me to go to their other branch so i will just give a try on other branch.

Picta of my nails.. Sui boh?

Price: RM 230 all in with peach O.P.I scrub massage.

Didnt manage to do pedicure as it's 10pm already when they finished the 3D art.

How about you readers? How often do you do your nails?

Happy working ;)

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